Coredo Muromachi

Traditional Japanese items from long-established shops

By Tomoko Kamishima   Feb 18, 2015 - 1 min read

In 1604, Nihonbashi was designated as the starting point of the five most important roads in Japan. Since then, various products and technologies have been flowing into and through it from all over Japan. Lots of old, sophisticated shops continue to serve many kinds of traditional and new high-grade products.

In 2014, a new shopping facility called Coredo (Core + Edo) Muromachi opened, featuring the history of Nihonbashi. The concept of this facility is its collection of outstanding Japanese products, and the relaxing atmosphere for tourists to enjoy. I recommend these three: a soup bar “Dashi Bar (Ninben),” a gold leaf shop “Hakuza,” and a titanium tableware shop “SUS Gallery.” You can get more information here.

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Mandy Bartok 3 years ago
I love the Coredo complex. The wagashi bar is neat too - they make wagashi in front of you, just like a sushi chef would!