Nakanoshima Park

A little green spot in the center of Osaka

By Jeannie Gan    - 2 min read

Nakanoshima Park is the perfect place to be after a long day of sightseeing in Osaka. It's just a train’s stop from Umeda or a 20-minute walk south of Osaka station.

‘Nakanoshima’ basically means “Island in the Center”, in this case the center of Osaka. This park, nicely tucked between two rivers, Dojima River and Tosabori, is also the oldest in Osaka city, opening in 1891.

Nakanoshima Park is on the eastern end of this “Island”, a little green spot in the center of Osaka.

My personal favorite spot is the rose garden during the months of May and October. The 13,000m2 rose garden blooms with 310 species of multi colored roses, especially when the roses are at full bloom in mid-May, the more than 3700 roses are a feast for your eyes and your senses.

In summer, walk through the park and you will arrive at the little hydrangea and azalea garden. The garden is also beautiful in winter when the camellia blooms from December to March.

While you are walking, you may stumble upon strange looking pipes, sticking out from the walkway beside the river. Try putting your ear to a pipe opening; you would think that you’d hear the sound of the water in the river. But alas! The sound you hear is actually from the busy Osaka city subway, rushing tens of meters underground! This was the brainchild of several budding artists working in the Osaka area. It was made possible by connecting custom-made pipes from the ground to the edge of the tunnel. A highly sensitive microphone was connected to the tip of the pipe to collect the sound.

On a sunny day, you can actually lie on the grass while looking up at the blue sky.  Bring along a bento (lunchbox) and a mat, and just enjoy the moment. At night, this is a romantic place to be, sitting on the benches while looking upon the river on both sides. This 11-hectare park is indeed a hidden sanctuary to escape the busyness of the Osaka station area.

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